Father’s Day Potjie Competition

Waterfall Market will be hosting a FATHER’S DAY POTJIE COMPETITION on Sunday 16th June. Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 pots so bring your secret family recipe, potjie pots and ingredients along and come and potjie with the boytjies!

Join us for a day of friendly competition, live entertainment, craft beverages and fantastic food options for everyone. First 100 Dads get a complimentary Beer and Biltong!

Prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd best potjies. Anyone is welcome to register! There will also be one “Best Overall” trophy. Registration form and entry fee (R100.00) must be received no later than June 12th, 2019. All proceeds go to Love Your Nuts for testicular cancer!

Rules for Participants:

  1. All teams to bring their own potjie pots size No 3 or bigger, ingredients and cooking utensils
  2. All food to be prepared on the day at the premises (vegetables may be chopped at home)
  3. The competition will be start at 08:30 and the potjie should be ready for tasting at 12:30 (fires will be lit at 07:30)
  4. There will only be 20 x teams allowed to enter
  5. R100 per team entry fee – proceeds will go to the testicular cancer fund (Love your nuts
  6. All participants are responsible for keeping your area hygienic and clean
  7. No alcohol will be allowed into the market unless its will be used for the cooking of you potjie (hard tack) as we have bars on site that you may utilize
  8. The teams will be made up of 4 x participants
  9. Each potjie should feed a minimum of 6 people
  10. Waterfall Market will supply the following for the participants on the day a working station, fire, bag of charcoal, shade, bowls and forks for judges/people to taste, rice/pap and access to a water point
  11. The Waterfall Market will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to equipment or personal belongings
  12. Waterfall Market will not be held liable for any injuries that may occur on site (there will be medic available on the day)
  13. Please note once the judges have finished tasting everyone’s potjie, the participants are responsible to clean their stations and remove all their equipment and left-over ingredients, Waterfall Market will be responsible for the clearing of the fire areas.
  14. The judges will judge the winners on spirit, originality, themes, aroma, taste, and technique.
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